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Frequently Asked Questions

Q  Is the site only for trade wholesale purchasing?
A  Yes! We only except orders from trade customers. There is no registration details to fill in, just choose your items and order online

Q  Do you offer a dropshipping service?
A  No! We do not provide a dropshipping service at the moment

Q  Is there a minimum spend?
A  No! You do not have to purchase over any amount before we will accept your order

Q  What payment methods do you have?
A  We use the merchant services of Paypal. They accept all major credit and debit cards and money transfers

Q  How long will delivery take?
A  Once payment has been completed the goods are shipped immediately, our couriers take approximately 1-2 working days to ship the goods for UK Mainland customers and 5-7 working days for overseas customers

Q  Do you charge for delivery?
A  No! If the goods are to be shipped within the UK Mainland and you spend over £200.00, the delivery is FREE OF CHARGE.
If you spend under £200.00, the delivery is only £12.00

For overseas customers the charges are;

Belgium,France,Germany,Luxembourg :
£20.00 (1-125 items)
£40.00 (126-250 items)
£60.00 (250-375 items)
£80.00 (375+ items)

Austria,Denmark,Switzerland :
£25.00 (1-125 items)
£50.00 (126-250 items)
£75.00 (250-375 items)
£100.00 (375+ items)

Czech Republic,Italy,Slovkia,Spain :
£30.00 (1-125 items)
£60.00 (126-250 items)
£90.00 (250-375 items)
£120.00 (375+ items)

Finland,Norway,Poland,Portugal,Sweden :
£35.00 (1-125 items)
£70.00 (126-250 items)
£105.00 (250-375 items)
£140.00 (375+ items)

Eire :
£49.50 (1-125 items)
£99.00 (126-250 items)
£148.50 (250-375 items)
£198.00 (375+ items)

Northern Ireland :
£26.00 (1-125 items)
£52.00 (126-250 items)
£78.00 (250-375 items)
£104.00 (375+ items)

Q  Are all your products brand new?
A  Yes! We only supply brand new goods

Q  Can I return faulty goods?
A  Yes! We will replace, refund any goods that are faulty, goods that aren't faulty will not be replaced or refunded

Q  Can I order but collect in person?
A  Yes! You can use the online shopping cart to place your order and you may choose the collection option in the checkout.

Q  Can I order over the telephone?
A  No! But if for some reason you are having problems ordering from the shopping cart please note all the details for the items that you would like to order and then FAX us on +44 (0)161 832 4932 and we will do the rest

Q  What regions are your DVDs?
A  The majority of our DVDs are Region 0 and Region 2. Region 0 are viewable in any part of the world and Region 2 are DVDs viewable in Europe.

Q  Can you send me hard copies of your catalogues?
A  We do not have hard copies of our product lines. This is because they would be out of date by the time you get a copy. The stock online is as accurate as we can get it

Q  Can I download spreadsheets of your catalogues to use in MS Excel?
A  Yes! Just click here and choose which list to download. Please note these lists are up to date when you download them but stock can be different when you come to order

Q  What are the admin fees?
A  These charges are for handling, picking and processing etc your order

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