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Orbit wholesale has been trading since 1995, initially wholesaling VHS Videos, backed by buying knowledge and very experienced management, over a short space of time Orbit wholesale established itself as a leading independent wholesaler.

In 1999, Orbit wholesale was one of the first independent wholesalers in the UK to stock DVD’s, although the initial response to the format was slow, but progressive, it is now the fastest growing format in UK and indeed throughout the entire world.

Orbit wholesale has managed to position it’s self from the earlier days of the format as a leading stockist of DVDs.
The square footage of our premises has tripled over the last few years, we currently stock over 3,000 DVD titles, 1000’s of Music CD’s and the latest range introduced into our portfolio are ‘Film Cells’.

Orbit wholesale also distributes a number of products exclusively, not to mention over 350 ‘own brand’ DVD titles.

With the advent of Internet, Orbit wholesale has crossed the global boundaries, and now exports to a number of countries worldwide.
We are regularly selling off ‘Special Clearance’ stocks/promotions

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